ZED.VA, provides the full process  of film making, from the stages of idea, scripting and storyboarding, through the production stages of photography, cinematography, 3D modelling, lighting and texturing , to finishing stages of the post-production, editing, colouring, grading and Motion Graphics. The full film making process.

We offer, Film & Video full processes, Animation of many kinds : simulation animation, procedure & process animation, installation & “exploding” animation, motion design, character animation, off and on location photography substitutions and many more.
These animations and stills, usually serve as key features in movies & video clips aimed for trade shows and exhibitions, presentations, media & press materials for industry’s such as Bio Med, Bio Tech, Heavy Industry, Transportation, Games Development and more. For relief we also do Video Art and music clips for selected artists.
At times, these Media materials are stand alone products, at time they supports written or spoken words. Hope seeing you a part of our growing client community .